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The Happiest People Project

Who are the happiest people?

The Happiest People are those with the most intact relationships... Our relationships matter and so does how we see ourselves and others.  Do you think that having a joy filled life is possible?  God has a design for life, love, and relationships.  Join me to explore a life lived with authentic love and pure freedom. We are working to reach more students and parents than ever before.


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Happiest Mothers and Daughters Project - *New!*

(For Daughters 12-18 years old)

I am excited to announce a new initiative to reach youth and parents!

Mothers and daughters have a unique bond. As mothers we want our daughters to have happy long lasting relationships! But...talking about love, dating, and sex can be one of the hardest conversations. Let's partner together to explore how to share God's design and help the next generation to have loving, joy filled relationships! This 5 part video series will help you start the conversation, you will make meaningful memories, and a priceless investment in a life long bond as mothers & daughters. Check out the original series available at Array of Hope.


Happiest Middle School Students


Designed 4 Love & Made for Greatness for Middle School (Great for Confirmation Programs!)

6th-8th grade

The happiest middle school students know that life and love are about relationships.  This isn’t just about romantic relationships it's about all of our relationships .  How do we live our lives with an authentic love that helps us to be all God created us to be?  This program can accompany your current curriculum as a supplement that will make a great impact.  The challenge is to engage middle school students to critically think about their bodies, their relationships, and their future.  How we choose to live our lives today will inevitably have an impact on the course of our tomorrows!

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Happiest Teens and Young Adults

Designed 4 Love and Made for Greatness-Pure Freedom is a program for older teens and young adults that explores what the Catholic faith teaches about dating, love, and marriage. The happiest teens and young adults are free to love. They have freedom to create life giving relationships in every area of their life!

  • ​Is it realistic to live out the call to authentic love in today’s world?

  • How can we live a purpose driven life?

  • What is pure freedom?

  • What is the science of love and God's design for meaningful relationships?


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Happiest Parents

Parenting Courageously  is a program that addresses the challenges of raising children in today's hook up culture. Good news parents your voice is one of the most important in your teen's life!  The happiest parents are investing in their relationships with each other & their children.  Let's look at:

  • Why is authentic love a viable option in today’s world?​​

  • Gear up with the armor of truth on how to form and guide our children to live their faith in a time of great confusion.

  • Let's look at life and love from a fresh perspective of science, psychology, and our Catholic faith.


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